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Getting started!

Install Futy on your website in 4 easy steps

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Leadbot editing

Learn how to edit the Leadbot to fit your website here

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Editing modules

Learn how to edit each module, such as the WhatsApp, Video and Call modules.

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Video manuals

Quickly learn how to work in Futy with these short videos

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Display different Leadbot variants using set conditions.

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Learn how to make Futy conversions easily measurable.

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Installation manuals

Install Futy's Leadbot on your website in 5 minutes:

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Learn all about our contact forms and quote forms

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WhatsApp Business

Do you know the difference between the regular WhatsApp app and WhatsApp Business?

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Use other applications in conjunction with Futy

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Account settings

All about your Futy account, company information and invoices

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to your question with our frequently asked questions

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