1. Open the Strato Sitebuilder

Go to and login. In the dashboard, click 'Start Sitebuilder' to install the WhatsApp widget through the Sitebuilder.

strato whatsapp installation step 1

Where is the Install heading in my Futy account?

2. Open the settings page and copy the script

In the Strato Sitebuilder, go to the 'settings' section on the left side of the menu and then to 'SEO options'. Next, copy the Futy script of the WhatsApp chat widget from the account. Paste the script into the box designated for the 'tracking script'. Make sure you place the script in the 'body' by selecting the correct radio button.

strato whatsapp installation step 2

3. Paste the script into the body and publish it

Once you have added the Futy WhatsApp widget script in the body of the Strato dashboard, click on the 3 dots at the top right and then on "Publish.

strato whatsapp installation step 3

The WhatsApp chat widget is now on your Strato website!

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