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Installing Futy widget on a CCV shop

Go to: Starting point > My shop > Settings > Layout > Web store themes > Banners.

Print: HTML banner

You can add HTML so you can post the Futy script through that.

After adding the Banner, you need to add the Banner Set in the layout. You can do this via: Home > My shop > Settings > Layout > Web store themes > Window Layout". However, this is only possible with themes where window layout is possible.

When you load Futy widget via HTML, you may find that the width of the loaded section is too wide, with the entire bar being at the very bottom of the page. This is because it does not fit into the space reserved for it.

Tips: You can determine per window set whether the banners should be displayed side by side or underneath each other. You can also set the space between the banners. You can find these settings at: Starting point > My shop > Settings > Layout > Banners > Window set settings .

Where is the script in my Futy account?

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