Install the WhatsApp chat widget or another Leadbot from Futy on your Wix website in 5 minutes! 

Option 1

Go to settings in your account of wixGo to main text - End and press add code

2. Go to your Futy account and press 'Install'. Press 'Copy' the code from Futy.

Where is the Install heading in my account?

3. Under 'Code snippet', enter Futy's code

Select the domainAll pages: Code load oncePress 'Apply'

Option 2

Login to Wix and insert the WhatsApp widget

Login and go to edit your website. Here we can start adding the widget.

1. Make sure you are on the page: Home.2. Click on "Add.

3. Click 'Embed'.4. Click 'Custom embeds'.5. Click '+' at 'Embed widget'.6. Close 'Add embedding'.

7. Click "Add code.

8. Add the Futy code.9. Click "Update.

10. Select the HTLM box and right-click.11. Turn "Display on all pages" ON.

12. Click "Fix.

13. Select the bottom right corner.14. Close the pinning window.

15. Make sure the html box is the correct size.16. Click "Publish.

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