Google Tag Manager

Walk through the following steps to place the Leadbot on your website via Google Tag Manager:

1. Go to and log in. 2. Click on "Add a new tag.

3. Give the tag a name, e.g., Futy Leadbot. 4. Click on "Tag Configuration.

5. Click on "Custom HTML.

6. Paste the Futy script into the 'HTML' box. (The Futy script can be found in your account under the heading 'Installation', also you have received an email with the Futy script in it). 7. Scroll down and click on 'Triggers'. Don't see the 'Installation' heading in your account?

8. Select 'All pages' and press 'Add'. 9. Click 'Save'.

10. When the Tag is in the overview, press 'send'.

11. Optionally enter a version name, and click 'Publish'

12. The Futy Leadbot is now on your website.

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